We’ve just rung in the New Year, and it’s time to start fulfilling all those pesky New Year’s Resolutions! While well-intentioned, sometimes those resolutions can seem difficult to keep up with as work picks back up and school obligations come into play. Well, you’re in luck! At Papa C Pies, we firmly believe that pie is the answer to all of life’s hardest questions, including how to fulfill your New Year’s Resolutions! 

Read more about how pie can fit into your January and help you stay true to all those commitments you’ve made. 

Resolution: Make More Time for Family

Family life just gets busier and busier! Finding time to be together can be challenging between work obligations, the kids’ homework, and various extracurricular activities and appointments. If your New Year’s Resolution is to prioritize spending time as a family, then Papa C Pies can help! With our savory pie and quiche options, you can have family dinner on the table in the blink of an eye. Grabbing our ready-to-go pies for a meal gives you more time to gather and reduces time spent on dinner prep and cleanup.

Resolution: Cut Back on Sugar

If your holiday season included a continuous supply of sugar cookies and desserts like ours did, you might be looking to cut back on sweets in the New Year! If your resolution has you avoiding sugar for January, you can still indulge your love of pie with one of our delicious Chicken Pot Pies or Shepherd’s Pies. It might not be a typical sweet Papa C Pies treat, but one of these savory pies will deliver the buttery, flaky crust that you crave. 

Resolution: Make Time for Breakfast

With busy work schedules and highway traffic to avoid, it’s common for people to rush out the door without making time for breakfast. While this might get you to work on time, it doesn’t fuel you properly for the coming day ahead. If your New Year’s Resolution is to make time for breakfast and avoid that hangry 10 am feeling, you’ll want to stop into the bakery for one of our prepared quiches or a tray of cinnamon rolls. These delicious options are easy to heat up in the morning for a quick breakfast on the go! 

Resolution: Shop Local Businesses in 2024

We’ve seen a recent emphasis in the media on shopping small and shopping locally. While big chain stores provide you with some convenience, you truly can’t beat the feeling of shopping with a local business. If patronizing small businesses is at the top of your New Year’s Resolutions, then Papa C Pies is the place for you. 

Our family-owned and family-inspired business makes our pies from scratch with all the best ingredients. Our recipes have been handed down from our Grandma Elsie through three generations of bakers who love pie. When you shop small with our bakery, you’ll get an exquisite pie made with a whole lot of love.

Indulge in the New Year with Pie from Pie at Papa C Pies 

For all the best pies in the New Year (and throughout the year in 2024!), visit Papa C Pies for all the delicious flavors you’re craving. Each season, we’re inspired by seasonal ingredients and offer unique additions to our menu. 

Visit Papa C Pies at 99 Seaboard Lane, Suite 100, in Brentwood. Our store is open Monday through Friday, 10 am to 6:30 pm, and Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm. Short on time? Swing through our drive-through or order ahead for pickup or shipping today!